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Once you have custom foot
orthotics that work for you,
you'll want to wear them
everyday — in your walking
shoes, athletic shoes,
boots, etc.


Many shoes are manufactured with removable sock liners. These sock liners can be removed and a custom foot orthotic inserted in its place.
Many people use their orthotics interchangeably in multiple shoes that share a similar shape. This way, you can get the same great fit with your orthotics in the other shoes in your wardrobe. The more depth and volume the shoe has, the better it can accommodate the foot orthotics.
For narrower, dress shoes, a custom insole can be made that is thinner. It provides support and alignment, albeit not as much as a deeper shoe would provide. After the first pair of orthotics has been successful, some people wish to have custom insoles made for their dress shoes. Additional orthotics are deeply discounted.
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