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Your feet are subjected to the
rigorous demands of day-to-day
walking and standing. Many people
benefit by using custom orthotic
inserts to shoes and sneakers.


Custom foot orthotics deliver biomechanical and accommodative support to:
  • Help the foot function better
  • Help absorb and distribute shock
  • Help provide relief from pain and daily stress
  • Help benefit total body alignment and postural complaints
  • Help protect the foot from injury

Patients tell us that the orthotics we make for them are better than others they have worn previously. Boston Pedorthic orthotics are:
  • Precision milled, not molded
  • Modeled by skilled and knowledgeable pedorthists
  • Made of EVA with a specific density chosen for the weight and biomechanical requirements of the individual patient
  • Fitted precisely into your shoes for better overall orthotic results
  • Covered with high-grade top cover material for comfort, function and durability
  • Fully adjustable
  • Manufactured on-site
  • Backed by a satisfaction guarantee
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