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A source of relief for disruptive foot conditions, from basic to the most elegant patterns and leathers. Choose a style from catalogs, duplicate a shoe or design your own.

Made to order (Men): $500
Custom Molded Standard: $1100 - $2000
Custom Molded Bespoke: $3000 - $4000

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Custom Shoes for WomenThe best custom shoes free you from thinking about your feet. They should fit beautifully, and feature all the style and variety in leather and patterns that make wearing shoes a joy to behold. One reason to choose custom shoes is for unique styling to express one’s individuality.

Boston Pedorthic specializes in custom shoes that address orthopedic concerns foremost. We are pleased to represent a number of European shoemakers in order to offer more patterns and options in bespoke custom shoes to meet our clients’ requirements for footwear that can stand up to an active and social lifestyle.

Success Factors for Custom Shoes

At its foundation, successful custom shoe making is complex, requiring a high degree of experience, skill and resources at all points along the process. A respected trade in Egypt 4000 years ago*, the process has been enhanced over time, but remains essentially as follows:

Success factors for the best custom shoes

Measuring and Detailing for Custom Shoes

- Your individual orthopedic requirements, knowledgeably determined
- Accurate measurements of your foot anatomy
- Precise mold or scan of your foot
- Skillful detailing of the custom shoe

Custom Shoe Manufacturing

- Faithful fabrication of a custom shoe last from which to build your custom shoe
- Consistent, dependable processes for accurate custom shoe manufacturing
- Luxury, top-grade leathers, hand selected by skilled cutters and finished to your preferred shine

Custom Shoe Manufacturing Process

Custom shoe manufacturing process, from left to right: A laser-based optical scanner captures over 200,000 data points on your foot mold to create 3D digital models of each of your feet.

Lasts (the form on which your shoe is made) are digitally designed and sized, and then cut on a high speed, computer numerical control lathe.

True 3D digital pattern making allows for flexibility in design and custom sizing.

Using Boston Pedorthic for Custom Shoes

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Boston Pedorthic routinely provides measuring and detailing for custom shoes, working with a variety of shoe makers, including:

1. Bespoke custom shoe makers of the European guild tradition who can offer refined styling and materials.

2. Orthopedic, custom molded shoe makers, specializing in risk-conditions of the feet, such as diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, post-polio.

The process starts with an in-depth, pedorthic assessment to determine your foot condition. Beginning with a recounting of your history and symptoms, the pedorthist will examine your feet and your gait and then seek to determine the contribution your custom shoes can make toward your goals.

Why pedorthics? More prevalent in Europe and Canada than in the USA, a pedorthist is an allied health professional, focused on footwear, as it performs to meet the requirements of your individual foot condition. Pedorthists are highly skilled in the detailing and fitting of custom shoes. Boston Pedorthic is an Accredited Facility governed by the American Board for Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC).

Candidates for Orthopedic Custom Shoes

Because of their expense, custom shoes for orthopedic purposes are a resource for truly enhanced comfort and structural support, and a prioritized option for others. A skilled pedorthist can help you consider functional, off-the-shelf shoes or orthopedic modifications to shoes prior to considering custom shoes.

A skilled pedorthist can contribute as a member of your clinical team. It is always preferable to work with a medical prescription and detailed diagnosis from a qualified clinician like a physical therapist, physiatrist, orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist to best inform the design and purpose of your custom shoes.

If you are considering custom foot orthotics, please note that it is possible to combine the Boston Pedorthic Advanced Custom Foot Orthotics with custom shoes, in most cases.

Among other conditions, the following are foot ailments routinely addressed with custom shoes:

Achilles Tendonitis or Tendonosis Amputations
Ankle Fusions
Arch Pain / Arch Strain
Autism and associated conditions

Big feet
Bunions & Bunionettes
Broken Bones

Cerebral Palsy
and other disease states producing foot deformity, gait anomaly, and pain.
Charcot Feet
Charot Marie Tooth
Claw Toes
Congenital Deformities

related risk factors to the feet


Foot deformity
due to accidents, injuries
Fixed equinus deformity
Gait anomaly
producing instability resulting in “slip & fall risks

Hallux Rigidus
Hammer Toes
Heel Pain
Heel Spurs
Hyper Pronation (Pes Planus)
Hyper Supination (Pes Cavus)

Specifically identified and diagnosed foot instability by a qualified doctor that can be favorably addressed with custom shoes.

Leg length discrepancy
Long feet

Mismated feet;
whereby one foot is sized differently than the other foot.
Morten’s Toe
Multiple Sclerosis
and other disease states producing foot deformity, gait anomaly, and pain.
Narrow feet
Narrow heels

Foot pain, lower extremity pain or other pain helpfully addressed by astutely made custom shoes
Parkinson’s Disease
and other disease states producing foot deformity, gait anomaly, and pain.
Pedal Edema
Peripheral Neuropathy
Peroneal dysfunction
Plantar Fasciitis
Post Polio Syndrome
Post-Tibia Tendonitis

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Shin Splints
Short feet

Wide feet
Wound Care
(ulcerations and infections)

To summarize, the overall function of an orthopedic custom shoe is to provide accommodation of the various dimensions of the foot, be they severely narrow, severely wide, or a complex combination of circumstances that produce challenges to a good fit and comfortable function from ready-made shoes. Custom shoes are useful in addressing structural deformities that cause pain or gait anomalies like leg length discrepancies and painful joint motion. Providing a structured, custom innersole provides the intimate full contact for healthy alignment of the foot throughout gait.

Boston Pedorthic is specifically trained and experienced to fit and detail custom shoes. Custom shoes at Boston Pedorthic are detailed with precision for the individual requirements of the customer or medical prescription, combined with fine finishing and an attractive array of styles and wardrobe categories for men and women.

Let us know how we can put pedorthics to work for you.
Boston Pedorthic is conveniently located on Commonwealth Avenue, just north of Cleveland Circle in Brighton, Massachusetts.


* Handmade Shoes for Men, László Vass & Magda Molnár

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