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For practices which Dispense
Custom Foot Orthotics
in the management of foot
and ankle care.


Boston Pedorthic is prepared to perform laboratory services for central fabrication and modeling of foot orthotics to meet the most demanding performance criteria and production needs of dispensing practices and health care organizations where foot and ankle pathology is treated. Some of the benefits we offer are:
  • Precision milled orthoses, not molded
  • Modeled by skilled and knowledgeable pedorthists using computer-aided design (CAD)
  • EVA base material with a specific density chosen for the weight and biomechanical requirements of the individual patient
  • Fitted precisely into shoes for better overall orthotic results
  • Covered with high-grade top-cover material for comfort, function and durability
  • Adjustable: a wide range of modifications can be made at your office.
Capturing the Foot Impression with physical or digital media
The dispensing practice can capture the foot impression with:
  1. A physical impression in foam or thermal plastic, or
  2. A scanned image taken at your site and networked to our CAD/CAM laboratory.
Either way, Boston Pedorthic proceeds to model, mill, and finish the device for delivery back to your facility for dispensing to your patient.
Dispensing practices that provide large-scale delivery of diabetic foot care, treatment of arthritis-related maladies, and sports medicine can consider the use of an optical scanner connected to Boston Pedorthic as an efficient way of handling large patient volumes.
CAD modeling environment designs a better orthotic
The pedorthist uses computer-aided design (CAD) to model the foot orthosis directly on a 3D image of the foot. The advanced software environment provides more control and precision than the traditional plaster modeling technique for making foot orthoses.
Precision Milling
A computer-aided manufacturing process (CAM) routs out excess material, leaving the negative impression of the orthosis, made to a precise specification determined by the software model.
The orthotic is covered by hand with a high-quality top cover, and trimmed to fit precisely into the shoe. It is an adjustable device, amenable to changes the patient may require for increased comfort or performance.
The result is a higher quality orthotic with more tolerance by your patients.
Digitized Reproducible Histories of Each Patient
Re-orders are simple because the job is digitized and the data is stored electronically. Manufacturing re-orders or new orthotics to fit differently shaped shoes is efficiently accomplished.
Last Libraries for a complete interface with the Shoe
For dispensing practices that rely on a limited set of shoe lasts for their patients, Boston Pedorthic can build a permanent software library of shoe lasts for custom fitting the orthotic into the shoe.
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