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Achieving Dramatic Results with Footwear

Boutique-style pedorthics at its best, this is not a quick-sell, retail approach. Instead, you experience a highly detailed process, learn about your own foot structure, and start to feel substantial improvement.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, stand on your feet all day, or just wish you could be more comfortable in the shoes that you’re wearing, you get a footwear plan that delivers more comfort, safety and improved sports performance — and satisfies your lifestyle needs for attire and style.

Bring your own shoes if you prefer.

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Pedorthics therapy Pedorthic sports performance Pedorthic comfort
Many medical conditions compromise the function and comfort of your feet. Pedorthic care can help.
Prevent injuries and optimize performance in your gait, foot alignment, function and comfort.
At work, play, everyday. Feel better on your feet than you ever had.
Pedorthic custom shoes Pedorthic shoes Custom pedorthic shoes

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