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Insurance coverage
for orthopedic footwear
varies between
insurance plans.
Call (617) 787-8779
so we can make the
process easy for you.


A quick call to Member Services can tell you what your coverage is, since each policy is different.

Boston Pedorthic is a contracted provider for the following plans:

For People who have Diabetes
People who have diabetes may be entitled to partial or complete reimbursement for depth shoes and foot orthotics designed for risk conditions associated with diabetes.
See Diabetic Footcare

Other Reimbursement Sources

Other reimbursement sources we have seen patients use include:
  • Employers
  • Unions
  • Workman's Compensation
  • Employer-sponsored "cafeteria plans," which are benefits whereby approved health-related expenditures can be purchased with pre-tax dollars.
  • Non-profit community health care clinics

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