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Because we have control
over the entire
manufacturing process for

custom foot orthotics..


Advanced Custom Foot Orthotics, the Beacon.

We can do this because we have control over the design and manufacture of your custom foot orthotics. The mold is not mailed to an outside, sub-contracted laboratory. We are the laboratory.

You have an important role in a successful outcome:

  • Shoes matter. A bad shoe can diminish the therapeutic value of a good orthotic. At Boston Pedorthic, we make sure the shoes you want to use will make a significant therapeutic contribution. If we don't believe they will, we'll tell you.
  • Getting past the "break-in" period. You may feel slight discomfort as your feet adjust to the new position that the structure under your feet produce.
  • Adjustments. After wearing the orthotics for some time, it may be apparent that an improvement can be made to them. Two follow-up adjustments are included as part of the initial work-up. We want the results to be just right for you, and we can adjust your orthotic on all planes of foot motion!

Exclusions: Orthotics are not for everyone:

  • If you are undergoing related medical treatment, we recommend that you consult with your physician before engaging in any activity that might alter your treatment plan. In this case, we would work in cooperation with your physician or therapist by prescription.
  • There are some foot conditions that do not respond well to orthotics, or are better suited by other modalities. If we see this, we will tell you.
  • Some people experience hyper-sensitivity or have intermittent and fluctuating conditions in their feet that make sustained success with custom foot orthotics and shoes difficult.
  • Insurance-reimbursed items are not covered by this guarantee.
  • This guarantee is for first-pair orthotics only.

If we see that you have a condition that would likely preclude a successful outcome, we will tell you and help you make an appropriate, informed decision that is best for you.

The following is the return policy on other items:

  • Pedorthic Visit Fees: not refundable
  • Custom Shoes and modifications to shoes: not refundable
  • Shoes (returnable, if unworn within 30 days for a store credit)

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